It has been said that if you want to be happy in your work, remember what you wanted to be when you were six. I still have a framed caricature that was drawn of me at about that age. I'm holding a palette and paintbrush. The caption underneath says, "Beautiful Bridget the Artist." 


My love of color and art started right from the beginning. My mom loved color. She was a redhead, maybe it comes naturally. Over our mantle was a big canvas with a green and blue painted butterfly. A reproduction of Hans Hofman's "The Golden Wall" hung in our family room. Our kitchen countertops were green - not 70s avocado green, but splashy apple green. The kitchen wallpaper pattern: bright yellow lemons. In our "formal" living room, where most other houses had dainty chintz or muted plaid sofas, my parents chose a bright yellow couch with giant sprays of flowers in purples and greens. Color was just a part of our life. 


My mom and grandmother were artists with fabric and thread. Mom was an excellent quilter; she loved choosing patterns and textures, and she was serious about making tiny stitches. Crochet was my Nana's art. Yes, she made those typical Nana afghans, but she also created beautiful, intricate tablecloths and doilies. 


In my junior year of college, I fell in love with art history classes. I was too afraid to change my major at that stage, so I finished up with my psychology degree. 


A few years later, I landed a job with Mary Engelbreit. In the retail division. Again, surrounding myself with art, but not actively creating it. 


Since then, I've channeled that love of color and creating into decorating cookies and developing recipes. I publish a dessert website that I adore. When I'm painting, though, I forget to look at my phone, I forget the cookies sitting in the jar (unheard of!), I forget myself. 


What can you expect from Bridget Edwards Studio? Color. Texture. Fanciful paintings and mixed media, both figurative and abstract.